Industrial Environmental Consultants (IEC) professionals have over 150 years of combined experience in metal recycling and waste management industries. Our team of environmental experts includes licensed Professional Engineers, environmental scientists, and technicians. Together with our clients, we have assisted industrial facilities, including over 1,000 scrap yards and 200 auto shredders, in Federal, State and local regulatory compliance for decades.

There are 3 important characteristics of service for our clients

  1. We take care of one client at a time and your business is your business only
  2. We know the environmental side of the metal recycling business
  3. Your data is completely confidential, unless you direct us otherwise

Senior personnel at IEC were the first to employ a protocol for sampling the waste from shredders (fluff, metal shredder waste); for the appropriate preparation of those samples according to US EPA requirements; and to evaluate the suitable analytical procedures within US EPA SW 846 for analyzing the waste. This allowed a clear approach for disposal at commercial and industrial landfills and resulted in the waste stream being typically characterized for disposal as a non- hazardous and non- toxic waste. More than a dozen states directly adopted the Baumgartner protocol as did each of the US EPA Regional offices that reviewed it. Waste Management listed this protocol as the approach for characterizing this waste stream. Our expertise extends to all types of environmental activities including waste disposal and characterization, shredder infeed control training, storm water, Environmental Site Assessments, air modeling and permitting, groundwater monitoring and modeling, contaminated site clean up, underground storage tank site management, sampling plans and analysis, SWPPP, SPCC, Tier II Compliance, landfill design, evaluation and mining.